Smart Home Automation

Home Automation

ASI knows how to make your life EASIER... by offering home automation solutions. Control your smart security system, lights, electronic door locks, thermostats and a lot more with the ASI App.

  • Save energy by adding a smart thermostat.
  • Remotely unlock the doors for a friends, family or repairman.
  • Stay informed with notification alerts that tell you when they arrive or leave.


Lights on or Lights off….

Did you leave the lights on??? There's now no reason to worry; turn all of your lights off, even after you've left the house!  Login to your ASI Smart Security App . With ASI lighting/lamp modules you can stop wasting energy while you're away from home.

Electronic Door Locks

Lock/Unlock your doors

Who needs keys when you can unlock/lock doors from your ASI Smart Home Security App. Just enter your code or use our smart home app. With ASI’s Smart Home Security we can program your doors to automatically unlock/lock when you arm/disarm from your App.


Controlling your thermostats

Homeowner’s spend approximately $2,000 each year on utilities and 55% of that cost is spent on heating/cooling systems. Add a ASI smart thermostat today and start saving on your monthly energy bill. ASI can even add smart schedules so you no longer have to worry if the heating/cooling system is running when your away.

Smart Home App Control

Arm/Disarm Smart Home Security

All of ASI’s security systems can have arm/disarm added for remote control. Knowing when your security system has been armed/disarmed adds an extra layer of convenience. ASI can setup app notifications, emails or even text alerts, so you can rest easily.

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