Camera Systems/Video Verification


For even more peace-of-mind, many of our clientsnow incorporate cameras and video monitoring into their security systems. When you're at home these stratefically placed cameras allow you to watch lots of things. There are endless camera placement possibilities limited only by your imagination; for instance:  

  • Who's at the front door?
  • What's going on in other rooms in the house?
  • Are the kids OK playing in the backyard?
  • Are the pets OK in the house?

When you are away at work or on vacation, it's easy to check on your home and property with any iPhone, iPad, laptop, or other connected device. Simply click on the app and then choose which camera you want to watch. 

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Video Verification


Video Verification is the pairing of security system signals with LIVE video clips of what caused the alarm. Video Verification helps remove the guessing game of what caused the system to go to the alarm, which allows for a quick dispatch from ASI and law enforcement agencies.

About I-View Now

I-View Now integrates security system signals, video sources, cloud applications, and internet-connected devices (IoT) into our cloud platform with the objective of giving end users, operators, and authorized emergency responders better information to prioritize their resources.

I-View Now’s genuine cloud architecture and Software as a Service (SaaS) model means there is no additional software or hardware to purchase at the edge, in the monitoring center, or for the emergency responders. Unifying these technologies and constituencies results in fewer false alarms, faster response times, and safer communities.


  • DVR/NVR Health Monitoring
  • Quicker Response Times
  • Detailed Descriptions of Burglars
  • Apprehension Rate Higher
  • Cloud Base, No Software or Hardware Required!

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