Home Entertainment Solutions

Allstate Security Home Entertainment Solutions are broken down into four main core categories:

  • Entertainment and Lifestyle solutions include systems which provide audio, video, home theaters, home automation, and much more
  • Comfort and Convenience systems provide control, lighting, thermostat, and other smart home features
  • Safety and Security systems provide solutions to protect and monitor home, business, and family
  • Energy Monitoring and Management systems provide the ability to monitor the energy use of a home and provide smart solutions to help control energy costs

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation’ basically means that you have the ability to monitor and control  things in your home or from a distance. The convenience and peace-of-mind that comes from being able to do this is really priceless.

Let’s look at some simple examples:

Finally at the end of a long day you sit down to watch a favorite TV program before heading off to bed. With a single touch on your iPad (or iPhone, etc.), “Home Automation” lets you turn on the TV to the correct channel, and adjust the lighting in the room to a preset “TV Watching Scene” while other lights are turned off in unused rooms around the house.

Waking up in the middle of the night, you realize that it is too cold in your bedroom. A quick touch of your iPhone and you adjust the temperature of the room without getting out of bed.

With so many “connected” devices now available, and with hundreds of new “apps” being developed everyday, the ability to use ‘Home Automation’ to create a true ‘Smart Home’ is not some futuristic dream. It’s here now, and it’s happening all around you! Home Automation’ can make your life easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Audio/Video System Control

Controlling all the audio and video components in your house has never been easier using your existing iPhones, iPads or other smartphone devices. Total control of all your home entertainment systems is now in the palm of your hand!

On any TV in the home, your handheld controller lets you navigate through all of your video sources with ease. Cable, Satellite, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, DVDs...- whatever you want to watch is just a finger touch away.

Home Control Control 4

Today’s “smart electronics” are supposed to simplify our lives, right? But with so many different technology formats out there, sometimes things seem to just get more complicated. Well, we have a solution - Control 4 

Using Control 4 it is both simple and affordable to control virtually any connected device in your home- from TVs to Thermostats, from Door Locks to DVRs….if you can imagine it, we can probably control it.

Without getting too deep into “geek-speak”, Control 4 uses “open architecture”, which means, unlike other much more expensive control systems, you’ll have many more choices when it comes to the devices, apps and products you can use and control.

  • Simple to use from any TV, touch-screen, or hand-held Control 4 remote control.
  • Compatible for use in new and existing homes.
  • Flexible- start small and add more later.
  • Very affordable.

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