Garage Door Control

Garage Door Control

Never doubt that you've closed your garage door. Your garage has the biggest door on our home - and one of the most used as well. Open and close it from anywhere and even set up alerts that tell you when it's been left open. Allstate Security can help you set this up for your home or business today. Call TODAY for more information - 806.345.3200



  • Ever whished you had a magic button that automatically took care of things around YOUR Home or Business for you?
  • We've just added Scenes buttons to your app, giving you the ability to adjust multiple devices in your smart home with a singe command.
  • Leaving the house? Leaving the office? Tap the new 'Away' button and your security system arms your door locks, your garage closer and your thermostats to save energy. 
  • Ready for bed? Tap 'Sleep' to have your thermostat dial down for perfect comfort, while you rhouse secures itself for the night.
  • Want a button for a different moment? It's easy to build your own scenes with commands for your security system, locls, garage door, smart lights, smart thermostats and even your smart water valve. 

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