Armed Courier... Delivery of Computer Media

ASI provides domestic and secure courier services. ASI safeguards your most valuable items or documents with an armed or unarmed officer or detail while maintaining the utmost confidentiality. The service can also be executed as part of a protection detail.

  • Armed Escort
  • Sensitive data, Computer Media
  • Legal Papers
  • Artwork
  • Jewelry, Gold, Precious Metals
  • Commercial Bank Deposits
  • Courier Services / Armed Escorts

Maintaining appropriate environmental conditions for long-term storage of various computer media types ensures readability and integrity for decades. Allstate Security Industries, Inc. owns and operates 2 high-security vaults. Each of these vault options provides optimal preservation and the ultimate in security and safety for your vital records.

Standard Vault Features Include

  • Multiple levels of physical and alarm security including 24/7 access control.
  • Temperature and Humidity controlled vault
  • Non-Temperature and Humidity controlled vaults
  • Class A three- and four- NFPA fire ratings
  • Fire Suppression

Allstate Security offers armed patrol officers to pick up and deliver your computer media to and from our vaults 24/7.

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