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Watching your home day and night

Since 1975, our Licensed Level 3 armed patrol officers have been responsible for the apprehension of over 781 criminals.

For Residential Communities such as neighborhoods, subdivisions, condos, and townhomes, we have the right security program for you. Programs starting at $62.50 per month.

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Reasons to consider our services:

Crime rates in our Amarillo community can make any family feel insecure about their home, other properties, and vehicles parked outside. There has been a substantial increase of catalytic converter theft which happens for two main reasons—they’re extremely easy to steal and are made with high-value precious metals. Cars with high clearance (like pickup trucks) and hybrid cars (whose catalytic converters are usually in better condition than other cars) are most at risk for catalytic converter theft.

Our services providing a visual security presence are a proven deterrent.

Imagine us:

  • Sitting at the entrances of your community
  • Patrolling the neighborhood multiple times every day
  • Checking on the homes of neighbors who are away on vacation or a business trip

Types of programs we offer:

  • We can drive through your neighborhood to show a presence.
  • We can drive through your neighborhood and stay for the agreed-upon time.
  • We can visit your community 3 days a week, 7 days a week, 24/7.

We can create a program that fits your monthly budget. Our list of services is extensive. Once we meet with you, we can gather some information on what your goals are. Once we see what the problems are, we could design you the perfect deterrence program.

Other examples:

  • If your home is fenced, we will check the gates every night and at different times per day.
  • Escorting irrational family members off property if the time arises.
  • Frequent security door checks of your home.
  • 24/7 security at your property.
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Vehicle & Foot Patrols

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Residential Apartment Communities

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How long are the visits per day?

The visit can be 1 minute or it can be 24 hours. This is where the budget and the needs meet. Once we see what your needs are, we can design a program to have the officer visit for the amount of time your budget allows.

Is there a minimum of time per visit?

We start our visits in 1 minute increments and will go all the way up to three 8 hour shifts if needed. Imagine having our patrol vehicle visit your property every day. Yes, even a 1 minute patrol every day is enough to show someone that you have security. Remember, they don’t know if and when we are coming back. The next day it will be different.

Is there after hours scheduling?

All the programs are customized for your business needs. Some businesses like the “Security Presence” during their hours of operations while other businesses like a “Security Check” when their business in closed for the day.

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