Career Opportunities

Allstate Security Industries is always looking for the best and brightest security personnel to join our team.

Below are a few starter questions we like to ask.

Answering the questions below is not part of an application process. These are informal questions we can ask to see if you meet the minimum requirements and for us to get to know you. So, these questions help both of us to see if there will be a need to move forward later on.

  • What is your full name?
  • What is a contact phone number?
  • Are you currently working in Security?
  • Have you ever worked security?
  • Are you currently a Certified Security Officer?
  • Can you pass a background check?
  • Where do you live (town, city)?
  • Do you have reliable transportation and a cell phone?
  • Is your driving record considered in good standing? Have you had problems insuring your vehicle?
  • Are you over 21 years old? (Vehicle Insurance Requirement) 

Allstate Security Industries Inc. isn't just an ordinary place to work. Our company is full of goal-oriented employees that are willing to make a difference to the community.

To apply for a position at Allstate Security, please follow the steps listed below:

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