Fire Alarm Systems

Fires act fast, so does ASI.

When seconds count, count on ASI. Allstate Security has monitored fire alarm systems throughout our area since 1926. By signing up with Allstate Security, not only is your fire alarm system monitored 24 hours a day by our U.L. Monitoring Station, but you will also have access to our staff of fire alarm technicians that have countless years of field experience.

If your family succumbs to smoke inhalation before escaping the house or being able to call for help, smoke detectors alone may not be enough to save your family. Only with a monitored fire alarm system will a monitoring operator receive the message about the potential danger and be able to call the fire department on your behalf.

Once a fire is detected, the alarm sounds, and a your signal is sent to our U.L. Monitoring Station within seconds, enabling them to call the emergency services immediately.

Did you know your fire system is monitored 24/7, even if your system is not armed?

What we offer:

  • Custom Designed Fire Systems
  • Meets NFPA Standards
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Duct Detectors
  • Strobes/Sirens

NFPA Commercial Fire Statistics:

In 2015, NFPA shows an estimated property damage of $2.0 billion. (doesn’t include California Wildfires)

2011-2015 NFPA Statistics by State Deaths:

  • Texas - 202
  • New Mexico - 23
  • Oklahoma - 69
  • Colorado - 28
  • Kansas - 37
  • Arizona - 49
  • Missouri - 86

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