ASI’s State-of-the-Art drones are designed for all applications

ASI’s Aerial Drone Surveillance can now be deployed and send live video to our U.L. Monitoring Station.

Monitoring your assets progress on a frequent basis is crucial to keeping a project running smoothly, on schedule and on budget. ASI’s Aerial Drone Surveillance services are on the cutting-edge of technology, offering our clients a unique opportunity to monitor your assets in an advanced way.

Aerial drone surveillance provides constant monitoring during all phases of your project by utilizing the best aerial drone technology available.

Benefits of Aerial Drone Surveillance:

  • Keep projects on-track and on-budget
  • Aerial drone surveillance increases productivity by connecting the field with the office
  • Establishes client as an innovative industry leader
  • Track assets and mark-up photos
  • Access and document areas that are difficult to reach
  • Limit your liability and risk by documenting every step of the project

ASI’s Aerial Drone Surveillance services include:

  • Custom flights throughout the project capturing the project/ag site at each stage. 
  • Live video to our U.L. Monitoring Station
  • Aerial photo documentation
  • Map/Plan overlay

Additional Features:

  • Autonomous take-off, flight, and landing
  • Tablet or transmitter controllers
  • Preplanned route or free flight
  • Smooth waypoint routes
  • High endurance and maintainability
  • Comprehensive safety functions

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